Our Services

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is an important aspect of the business world that is often taken for granted. After all, no one wants to work in a dirty environment, but it's not the job of an office employee to clean it either. That is why outsourcing your office cleaning may be just the ticket your looking for. Furthermore, clean restrooms, sparkling floors, and immaculate lunch and conference rooms are all crucial when you’re doing business with customers and guests from the outside. For the health of your employees and the success of your business, a healthy and clean work enironment pays off.

School Cleaning Services

School Cleaning Services is important in maintaining a professional of your facility. Gum Hunters believes in providing a healthy and clean educational environment that ensures the well-being of your students, visitors, and employees. Shiny floors, clean glass, and spotless corners are what parents and guardians will remember when completing the enrolment forms for their young ones. Their first impression is the one that will make the biggest impact - so make yours count!

Medical Cleaning

Providing a healthy and clean hospital environment ensures the well being of your patients, visitors, and employees alike. Shiny floors, clean glass, and spotless corners is what patients will remember when completing the HCAHPS survey and should all be part of your Medical Cleaning program. Their first impression is the one that will make the biggest impact - so make yours count!

Day Cleaning Services

If you want a quality clean, but are concerned about keeping energy costs down and security up, day cleaning may be a good option for you. There are many benefits to day cleaning: Lower energy usage, since there is no need for lighting and heating/cooling in the evening to accommodate the janitorial staff. Energy bill savings as low as one-quarter to one-third, depending on your facility. Quick response to spills, stains, etc., helping to improve the appearance of your facility.

Miami Day Porter Services

Your Day Porter Staff provides vital services that your facility may need during the day. We will customize your day porter program to your specific needs, including:

  • Lobby maintenance
  • Cleaning common areas (like kitchens, cafeterias and patios)
  • Monitoring and servicing restrooms
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Restroom Restocking
  • Meeting setup/teardown

In the end, the Day Porter is whatever our customers need them to be to make their facility run smoothly. So whether it is setting up last minute for that unplanned meeting, or pitching in to help an employee change offices, your Day Porter can be there to help. Your Gum Hunters Day Porter is trained to interact with the people in your building on a professional level. Their very presence will make your staff feel better about the cleanliness and health of your facility. Contact Gum Hunters today at (786)378-2757 & (786)879-5995 so we can assist you in designing a Day Porter Program to meet your specific needs.

Emergency Cleaning Services in Miami

Gum Hunters can provide quick and efficient clean-up in the event of an emergency. Our expertise includes:

  • Water extraction and clean-up
  • Flooding
  • Fires
  • Storm damage
  • Special Cleanings

We can also help when smaller emergencies

Commercial Cleaning Service from Gum Hunters

Our Commercial Cleaning Service Provide the Services You Require? Maybe you know exactly what you need from a commercial cleaning service Choosing the best commercial cleaning service for your facilities comes down to many important factors like customer service, responsiveness and pricing . Gum Hunters proudly leads the pack in developing and implementing the very best commercial cleaning standards and practices For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss your facilities and what we can do to help, please contact us. How can we help? Whether you have a simple question or would like a no- obligation quote, give us a call at (786)378-2757 & (786)879- 5995...info@gumhunter.com

Power Washing Services

Power washing is usually used prior to any type of recoating, but is can also be used for cleaning only to remove damaging components like dirt and mold on exterior surfaces. This is important, because when dirt is left on surfaces for long periods of time, there is a chance that staining and mold build-up may occur (which can make the occupants of a building sick). Gum Hunters uses power washing on like can be done on all types of surfaces including:

  • Stucco
  • Block
  • Brick
  • Brick pavers
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl